Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start to make a money with CHATROTIC?

Making money at CHATROTIC is very easy! You can work from your home, you will be your own boss and all you need is a laptop or PC with modest webcamera.

The first step is to create your CHATROTIC account. The sign-up process is very easy and consists of 3 steps. In the first step you have to fill in the information needed to login to your account (username is you login name, password for securing your account and your e-mail address) and your gender.

After you submit your profile there is a second step where you have to confirm your e-mail address.

And third and the last step is to provide us with the scan of one form of valid government issued ID (e.g. Identity card, Passport, Driver license) and with the photo of you holding your same ID next to your face where both your face and ID card must be clearly visible.

If everything is correct you will be notified that your account is active and you can start to make a money!

Do I need some special technical equipment?

No! ALl you need is PC/laptop or mobile device with a camera. Your internet connection should be capable to transfer data with speed at least 1 Mbps (you can test it at Higher speed means you can set higher quality of your broadcasted video stream. If you start broadcasting your picture the quality of your video stream is set automatically according the speed of you internet connection. It could happen that during your show the internet connection speed drop. In this event your will hear the short beep sound for every drop. If you can hear it very occasionally you don't have to worry about it but if you hear constant beep tone it means your internet connection is not able to handle your video stream. For such a case stop broadcasting and set a lower video stream quality.

What are the technical advantages of your platform?

We use our own unique broadcasting system allowing to broadcast your video stream from almost every possible technical device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). The delay of your broadcasted video stream between you and your viewers is under 2 seconds which makes the communication really real-time.

Do I need any experience with webcam modelling work?

Absolutely not! In fact for many viewers is better to see a real amateur girl than a professionally looking model. Don't try to copy look of other models. Be unique be yourself! It doesn't matter what is your height, weight, ethnicity, body type, hair colour or anything else. Be nice to your viewers, smile and talk with them and you become a successful webcam model!

I'm citizen of XY country. Can I work here?

Yes! We accept models from any country. You just only need to have a valid government issued ID as described in the first article.

What will be my real earnings?

You get 50% of ALL your earnings. If you choose to change your Fee model to the "Flat" model you get 100% of ALL your earnings (for instance if you earned 2000 XCoins your payout will be 2000 EUR minus payout fee for particular payout method).

What types of fees do I have to pay?

There are no hidden or setup fees. You can find the list of all fees here. Basically, there is a daily fee for using a platform in case you chose "Flat" fee model and there is a fee for particular payout method in case you requested for a payout. All fees are deducted from your XCoin account balance and you will be never charged in any other form.

What are XCoins?

XCoins represents the price you get for your video stream shows or as a tip from your viewers. XCoins will be converted to the real currency when you ask for your payout (see current Exchange rate).

How often do I get paid?

It depends on whether your balance is higher than a minimum payout amount for given payout method. Currently we offer only Wire transfer payout and minimum payout amount is 50 XCoins.

Payout requests are processed usually twice a month.

What are possible payout methods?

Currently we offer Wire transfer payout method.

Can I contact you?

Sure! Use contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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